part 1

why do logos matter?

Check out a few logo submissions pulled from a logo design contest.

Ask yourself the following questions after you look at them:

How many of the logos could you describe or remember tomorrow?
If you replaced the text with another company’s name would it make a difference?
How many could be scaled to any size and still be effective, from an iPhone app icon to a billboard?
Do they increase your perception of the quality of the company?

Now look at these logos which were designed by experienced professionals.

You may argue this is just a matter of placement saturation from a huge marketing budget. To prove that’s not true, consider these examples, and ask yourself if they are equally as effective.

The best logos are so effective that you could even crop out a small portion of them and you will still recognize the company it represents; some are even as effective without any color.

a logo is an investment

If you already have a logo, put it to the test by applying these exercises. If the above examples didn’t convince you of the value of a great logo, think of it in terms of a return on your investment. It may sound hard to justify paying hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront for a brand foundation, but a great logo should last you 15-20 years. Logos also gain equity as time goes on; brand recognition is a major asset. If you ever sell your business, its logo and brand are actual, monetizable business assets you can charge for. Logos have a massive range of applications, useful on anything from an embroidered cap to a sales booth banner to a cake. So why not think of buying your logo as an investment in the long term success of your business?


a logo is an investment in brand recognition.

a great logo should last you 15–20 years.